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Italian Railways at a Glance

No matter which part of Italy you are going to be visiting, one of the most accessible, most comfortable, and most economical ways to get where you want to go in Italy is by train. There are central train stations in almost all of the major cities in Italy, so it is fast, convenient and will save you the hassle and stress of driving. Train service varies from high-speed overnight trains to regional service, and you can compare schedules, routes, and prices before you travel. So if you are planning on traveling by rail – this interactive Italy train map will become your trusted companion on your journey.

The Italy train map will show you all of the major cities within Italy that are reachable by train as well as neighbouring European countries with railway stations which you may come in on or visit in addition to your trip to Italy. You can tell by the distance on the map which trips are suitable for day excursions such as Rome to Venice and others that would take an overnight train, such as Milan to Naples. In addition, if you are planning on stopping at some smaller cities along your way, you’ll have to take a regional train which has many stops. High-speed trains will be faster but have fewer stops so it will most likely not take you to the smaller cities.

If you are visiting a particular region, such as Tuscany, it will have its own train map that will highlight the train services that run between major cities as well as smaller towns. The map should also include bus routes for areas that are not accessible by train. A thick line on the map denotes that this is a bigger line that with faster trains that run more often. If the line on the map is thin, this means that the trains will be regional and have more stops, which means it is not as speedy as the other trains. If you see a dashed line, this means you will need a bus connection to the train station.

Italy Train Map – Main Hub Cities & Their Railway Stations

Ancona (Marche)

Ancona Italy is a tucked away escape destination on the Adriatic coast. There are fantastic beaches with some world class hotels perched on the shore. The city has an extensive harbour, which makes it a fantastic place to walk through to see some beautiful sights as well as a wide range of ships and commercial freighters. The coastline hosts a lot of fine restaurants and atmospheric bars.

Stazione Ancona address:
Piazza Rosselli nello e Carlo, 1 Ancona (AN)
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Aosta (Marche)

Aosta Italy is the capital of the Valle d’Aosta region in the Italian northwest. It is located near the Grab Paradiso National Park, which has alpine botanical garden, trails and plenty of wildlife. The old Roman commune you will find there is 583 meters above sea level and surrounded by magnificent mountains, including the Grand Combin, Mont Vélan, Emilius, Becca di Nona and Testa del Rutor.

Stazione di Aosta address:
Piazza Manzetti, 1 Aosta (AO)
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Bari (Puglia)

Bari Italy is sometimes called the city of St. Nicholas. It is lively university town of southern Italy and one of the economic centres of the south, second only to Naples. Whatever your focus, this beautiful southern port city will dazzle you with its historical section nestled in a headland flanked by two harbours on the Adriatic Sea.

Bari Centrale address:
Piazza Aldo Moro, 42 Bari (BA)
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Bologna (Emilia Romagna)

Bologna Italy still possesses an abundance of medieval, renaissance, and Baroque artistic monuments despite repeated aerial bombardments during World War II and later gentrification some 20th-century suburbanization. History lives here and it is rich with beauty. Ancient fortified walls and no fewer than 20 medieval defensive towers remain and create the character in the city.

Stazione di Bologna Centrale address:
Piazza delle Medaglie d’Oro, 4 Bologna (BO)
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Bolzano (Trentino-Alto Adige)

Bolzano Italy is a northern city where this country meets Austria. Far from a clash of cultures, Italy and Austria come together here, bringing the very best of each to the alpine region. The region of Alto Adige, Trentino-South Tyrol is the northernmost province in Italy. Its capital city: Bolzano, is in a German-speaking area. Bolzano offers. a Northern European lifestyle as well as a Mediterranean experience.

Stazione di Bolzano address:
Viale della Stazione, 14 Bolzano (BZ)
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Cagliari (Sardinia)

Cagliari Italy is the capital of the Island of Sardinia and is a vital port city close to North Africa. The name of the city means “Castle” and it has quite to bit to offer to the travellers, including many historical sites as well as its natural beauty. It is the twenty-sixth largest city in Italy and the largest on the island itself.

Stazione di Cagliari address:
Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, 24 Cagliari (CA)
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Campobasso (Molise)

Campobasso Italy is a city in southern part of the country and the capital of Molise region. Because of its proximity to the Matese and Sannio mountains, the climate is one of the coldest in all of Italy. Rainfall in the autumn and snowfall in the winter are common giving this city a unique landscape and historic sites to peruse through picturesque cobblestone walkways.

Stazione di Campobasso address:
Piazza Vincenzo Cuoco, 100 Campobasso (CB)
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Genoa (Liguria)

Genoa Italy is a port city on the Ligurian Sea. The seaport here is the busiest in all of Italy and is very important for the country’s economy. The city of Genoa bears the nickname la Superba which means “the proud one” due to its collection of historic landmarks. Many historic figures were born here including Explorer Christopher Columbus, Violinist Niccolò Paganini, and Architect Renzo Piano.

Stazione di Genova Piazza Principe address:
Piazza Acquaverde, 34 Genoa (GE)
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Florence (Tuscany)

Florence Italy is rich with collection of galleries, museums, historical sites and landmarks. It’s also known as the ‘cradle of the Renaissance’ and boasts a remarkable reflection of art history of that era. Firenze has some of the most prominent art galleries in the world as well as the breathtaking view of the city skyline with the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore as the centrepiece.

Firenze Santa Maria Novella address:
Piazza della Stazione, 14 Firenze (FI)
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L’Aquila (Abruzzo)

L’Aquila Italy is situated in Southern Italy and is the capital of the Abruzzo region. This picturesque city is flanked by the Apennine Mountains and the Gran Sasso d’Italia. L’Aquila is perched on a hillside in a narrow valley with the snow kissed mountains surrounding the town. Baroque and Renaissance building line the cobblestone streets and the city boasts a theatre, orchestra, and a film institute.

Stazione dell’Aquila address:
Piazzale della Stazione, 1 L’Aquila (AQ)
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Milan (Lombardy)

Milan Italy is a must when visiting the Northern Italy. As the capital of Lombardy region it is filled with museums, art galleries, churches and surrounded by some of the most beautiful countryside. After Rome, it is the second most popular city in all of Italy. This vibrant global city is steeped in ancient architecture and historical significance, and is a leader in economics, education, art, culture, and fashion.

Milano Centrale Railway Station address:
Piazza Duca D’Aosta, 1 Milano (MI)
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Naples (Campania)

Naples Italy is the third biggest city in all of the country after Milan and Rome. It lies in southern Italy on the west coast facing the Tyrrhenian Sea, in Italy’s Campania region. The historic city centre of Naples remains the largest in all of Europe and has been designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This city has important historical and landmarks and is a popular tourist destination in Italy.

Stazione di Napoli Centrale address:
Piazza Garibaldi, 1 Napoli (NA)
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Palermo (Sicily)

Palermo Italy is located on the coast of the beautiful island of Sicily. The city has much history as well as many cultural activities to engage in. Besides being Sicily’s capital, Palermo offers mesmerizing seaside and mountain views which will be sure to provide the perfect backdrop for all the picture memories.

Stazione di Palermo Centrale address:
Piazza Giulio Cesare, 25 Palermo (PA)
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Perugia (Umbria)

Perugia Italy is located in central Italy, just north of Rome and south of Florence. It is the capital of the Umbria region of Italy. Known for its picturesque scenery, a visit to this city is sure to leave all travellers in awe of the beautiful hillside and valley views. If you are an avid sports fan, a trip to Perugia may be just the thing you are looking for with ample sports activities to find here.

Stazione di Perugia address:
Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 4 Perugia (PG)
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Potenza (Basilicata)

Potenza Italy is a southern city situated in the region of Basilicata and filled with sweeping views of the valleys and mountains which surround it. Located on one of the highest points in the area, it overlooks Basento River below it and the Apennines beside. With many beautiful sites to see and interesting excursions to partake in, you may just find that you don’t want to leave this beautiful city.

Stazione di Potenza Centrale address:
Viale Marconi Guglielmo, 1 Potenza (PZ)
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Reggio Calabria (Calabria)

Reggio Calabria is a coastal city in the very southern part of the peninsula. It is separated from Sicily by the body of water known as the Strait of Messina. The National Archaeological Museum houses the Riace Bronzes, a pair of ancient, life-size Greek statues. Nearby, the Bergamot Museum displays the tools used to extract the oil from this citrus fruit.

Reggio Calabria Centrale address:
Via Barlaam, 1 Reggio Calabria (RC)
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Rome (Lazio)

Rome Italy an absolute must and it could easily take a lifetime to entirely explore this amazing city with all the architectural, cultural and historical marvels that it offers. The glorious capital of Italy has 280 fountains and more than 900 churches.  The capital offers great walking tours, or if you are into a more intimate exploration there are numerous private tours, which will drive you where big buses can’t go.

Stazione di Roma Termini address:
Via Giovanni Giolitti, 40 (RM)
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Trieste (Friuli-Venezia Giulia)

Trieste Italy is a seaport city on a strip of land between the Adriatic Sea and Slovenia. City’s strategic location between Italy and Slovenia made it an important one during the struggle between east and west following WWII. Trieste, located an hour and a half by car from Venice and it has its own peculiar character due to the influence imprinted on the city by various cultures.

Stazione di Trieste Centrale address:
Piazza della Libertà, 11 Trieste (TS)
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Turin (Piedmont)

Turin Italy is intriguing because it appears to be off the tourists’ radar due to its extreme north-western location, but nearly all of Italy’s history leading to the unification was centralized here. City’s large, majestic boulevards are complimented with contemporary art museums and architecturally interesting buildings. The Alps are visible just to the northwest, boasting a beautiful view for every visitor to enjoy.

Stazione di Torino Porta Nuova address:
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 58 Torino (TO)
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Venice (Veneto)

Venice Italy travel is perfect for romantic getaways or just passing through with a group of friends. Population of Venice in 2017 was about 262,000 people – a small town’s worth. However, make no mistake – Venice tourism brings in about 20 million people annually which does not make it seem like a small town, far from it. Venice’s vast architectural, artistic, and musical heritage is simply astonishing.

Stazione di Venezia Santa Lucia address:
Metropolitan City of Venice, 30100 (VE)
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Verona (Veneto)

Verona Italy can prove to be a romantic experience, best known for its association with Shakespeare’s lover’s tale of Romeo and Juliet. Ancient churches, Renaissance palaces, cobbled-stone squares and numerous art galleries are sprinkled around the city. For a wonderful view of the river and town visit Torre dei Lamberti watchtower which provides some of the most beautiful panoramic perspectives.

Stazione Verona Porta Nuova address:
Piazzale XXV Aprile, Verona (VR)
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More About Italy Train Map

The national railway system is called Trenitalia, and it runs high-speed routes as well as regional ones. It is owned by the Italian government and was created in the year 2000. It has a detailed Italy train map available on its website for customers. On the Trenitalia map, the blue lines indicate high-speed trains and the light green denotes regional trains. The high-speed trains travel from large cities to smaller ones, and the regional trains visit even smaller towns and villages. It is really up to you which one you prefer.

Take some time before your trip and have a look at the Italy train map in order to familiarize yourself with it. The more you know about how train travel works here, the more advantage you’ll be able to get during your travels. There will be a time when some of your Italy destinations will simply not be reachable by train. When travelling by car, you may want to refer to the Italy Road Map.