Tourist Attractions in Italy – The Best Sites

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From coast to coast, tourist attractions in Italy are plentiful or those looking to get inspired by magnificent art, architectural wonders and spectacular sites all throughout the country. Embrace the beauty of massive cathedrals, drop a coin into the extravagant Trevi Fountain or plunge into history at the ancient ruins of Pompeii – there are plenty of tourist attractions in Italy to keep you both fascinated and inspired.

If you prefer to get off the beaten track and discover the hidden places, you are bound to stumble upon some unforgettable finds along the way. One of such hidden treasures worth mentioning is Lake Iseo, which happens to be quite popular among hikers and is home to the largest lake island in Europe – Monte Isola.

Experience Italy Sightseeing

Experience Italy tourist attractions to the fullest when you visit it’s most popular destinations or by exploring the hidden gems most tourists don’t get to see. Whether, discovery-walking through ancient Italian streets or soaking up sunshine while riding a convertible along the coast, you are bound to discover some of the most breathtaking routes.

While in Italy, savour a Caffè Bollente con Pasticcino while embracing the mesmerizing features of Piazza San Marco, gaze at the beautifully crafted fountain in Rome’s Piazza Navona or take a picture with your sweetheart under the Rialto Bridge while floating along in a gondola through the Grand Canal. Whatever choices you make here, they will leave your with memories of colour and unforgettable tourist attractions in Italy to come back to.

Popular Landmarks in Italy

Discovering tourist attractions in Italy gives visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of this truly amazing place while having a blast. The Colosseum – a magnificent amphitheatre which used to hold 50,000 spectators is a landmark hard to miss when visiting Italy’s capital. A lot of Rome’s historical events took place in the Colosseum and through the ages it was used for animal hunts, mock sea battles, gladiator games and much more. First events date as far back as 80 AD at which time the construction was finally completed.

The ever-popular Leaning Tower of Pisa is another one of those must-see tourist attractions in Italy. In fact – it is also the City Cathedral’s bell tower, which was completed by 1372. The structure’s foundation was inadequate due to being built into soft ground, causing it to first tilt during construction in the 12th century. Galileo Galilei used this very tower to help formulate the final version of his law of free fall and most people find the 294 step climb – a Worthwhile Adventure!

Pompeii is a colossal archaeological site in Southern Italy and was once home to a thriving and sophisticated Roman town. It is located near the now modern city of Naples, in the Campania region. Pompeii had around 15,000 inhabitants when it was unexpectedly buried under meters of lava during the catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD – an estimated 2,000 people perished that day. Words can’t describe the experience of walking through immaculately preserved ruins, town streets and wander inside ancient dwellings to realize the power of nature with its sometimes merciless, destructive ways.

Must See Italy Destinations

Italy destinations will have you enjoying the thrills of skiing in the Dolomites, tasting some of the finest Italian liquors in San Marino or simply unwinding in hot sulphur springs at the tip of Lake Garda – the choice is Yours!

When feeling adventurous, there are plenty of Italy wonders that will draw you in, take your breath away and get you hooked with countless activities to engage in. Perhaps you feel like stepping foot into a cliffside chapel or observing giant mosaic sculptures while admiring beautiful gardens of Tuscany. How about witnessing the natural wonder of the living Etna Volcano in the surrounding national park? There are a vast variety of destinations, each one as vibrant as your imagination.