Things to Do in Italy – Keeping Busy & Inspired

Activities to Make Your Vacation Unforgettable

There are ample things to do in Italy – a beautiful country nestled in southern Europe in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Its temperate climate along with the abundance of historical landmarks and collection of vibrant cities makes it a popular tourist destination. In fact, Italy is the fifth most visited country in the entire world. In 2016, the country saw a population of 52.3 million visitors. Fifty-five UNESCO, World Heritage Sites, reside in Italy. Italy’s capital, Rome is the third most visited city in all of Europe and the twelfth most visited in the entire world. Other cities such as Milan, Venice, and Florence are considered among the world’s top one hundred destinations. The question, “What to do in Italy” has probably a million or more answers.

Adventure Things to Do in Italy

Awaken the inner explorer and conquer breathtaking Mount Etna trails or hike the spectacular Dolomites and recharge while feasting on savoury cuisine at the enchanting villages below the mountain range. Whether marvelling at the architectural gems in Florence, tasting some fine wines in sun-drenched Tuscany or riding a gondola in fabled Venice – this country offers many dazzling settings, destination and things to do in Italy for the adventurer in you.

Family Things to Do in Italy

Family trips are a perfect way to open up a child’s world of wonder. Broaden their horizons with unforgettable experiences leading to new interests and exposure to different culture and environment. Italy has an endless supply of family-friendly activities.

Travel up to the Mount Vesuvius summit and take in some spectacular views, then explore frozen in time streets of Pompeii – the kids will have a blast on these amazing tours. Ready for some fun in the sun and a whole lot of splashing around? Many Italian beaches come with loungers, umbrellas and play areas to keep the kids busy so rest assured – you’ll always find many things to do in Italy while sea-side.

Romantic Things to Do in Italy

Italy features a large amount of destinations that are ideal for couples in love. Many options to choose from when contemplating a romantic getaway for newlyweds, such as a cliff–top hotel with an infinity pool overlooking the sea. How about saying your “I Do’s” on a beautiful beach, steps from the sound of the lapping waves? Words can’t describe the feeling of bliss from smelling freshly cut flowers while soaking in a marble bath at the vineyard suite. The scenic views and draped mahogany beds most definitely provide that ideal romantic hideaway scenario for lovers of all ages.

Cruising in Italy

Italy has hundreds of small islands besides Sardinia and Sicily just waiting to be explored while cruising the Italian waterways. It also offers stunning journeys by the sun-drenched shores, where charming towns and coastal villages take you breath away with their beauty. Italian coast provides the perfect setting for a cruise on a chartered boat while navigating from one beautiful place to another. Venice – besides being a major cruise port, is a city that is literally built on water. Loose yourself while slowly floating down the palace-lined canals and watch gondolas peacefully glide by.

Italian Dining

Italian dishes are often simple and many of them contain two to four ingredients, but it’s the quality and freshness of the ingredients which Italian chefs put their emphasis on – not the elaborate preparation.

If you love a good Italian pizza, make sure it’s Napoletana! Only the proven restaurants can bare the name & symbol in their establishment – there are no substitutes. The Restaurant Guide will help make some delicious choices while visiting Italy, and let’s not forget the scrumptious pastries you’ll be having with you cappuccino at the nation-popular prima colazione.

Shopping in Italy

While vacationing in Italy – shopping is not only one of the priorities, it is also very enjoyable. There are so many popular shopping havens to choose from, like the mile-long streets of Rome – home to countless shoe stores and famous fashion brands. Milan is home to the world famous shopping mall – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. It is the oldest shopping mall in Italy and is also ideal for picking up few quality designer clothes. Wherever you shopping adventure takes you – the key phrase to remember is quanto costa?

Outdoor Activities & Sports in Italy

This country presents infinite options for things to do in Italy, especially when it comes to vacations dedicated to physical activity. It has the perfect setting for those who want to stay active while being in close contact with nature. Italian marinas offer many opportunities to indulge in water sports such as windsurfing, sailing, motor-boating and waterskiing to name a few.

For mountain lovers there is biking, hiking, horseback riding and plenty more things to do in Italy. Also in the pristine waters of mountain rivers and lakes you can enjoy whitewater rafting, kayaking, fishing and paragliding. During the cold season – the mountains become a paradise for winter sports enthusiasts. Surrounded by breathtaking sceneries and infinite possibilities, Italy is the place for a sport themed vacation for the spectator or the participant in you.

More Italy Things to Do

Looking for more of things to do in Italy? Look no further – there’s plenty of entertainment and activities like shows, live music, spas and hot springs, or simply walking the ancient streets while soaking in the colourful culture Italy has to offer.

From antiquities of Rome to welcoming Venetian romance, from rustic dwellings in Tuscany to cosmopolitan glamour of Milan, things to do in Italy will always be plentiful. The Italian peninsula is the fifth most visited place in the world and for a good reason. Everywhere you go, expect to be inspired, awed, reborn and course – relaxed. Whatever the experience, rest assured – “what to do in Italy?” will never be a hard question to answer. For more information about things to do in Italy – check out TheCrazyTourist’s 25 best picks.

Train Travel in Italy Tips

Italy has an extensive train travel system, so getting to most parts of the country are easily accessible by train. Most cities have a train station that is centrally located, and train travel is an economical and stress-free solution to getting around. There are two major companies offering service in Italy. Trenitalia is the national rail service and the high-speed train service Italo Treno is also an option. Do your homework as to which service will get you where you want to go and book online if you can for an even smoother journey.