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Life-Long Passion and the Train Travel Italy Story

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In the late 1980’s my family and I spent some time in the central Italian region of Lazio, on the Mediterranean side – where we lived for a duration of 15 months shortly after emigrating from the Soviet Union. From my cherished recollections of those times, I remember a colourful surrounding full of generous, warm hearted people and I also remember a place where I began working at an early age in order to help out my family.

Close Family Friends
Piazza San Marco
Growing Up in the City
Santa Marinella, 1988
Seaside living

I recall both my mother and I taking the train quite often going from Santa Marinella to Rome where she eventually found work as a seamstress in a wedding dress shop, while I worked the traffic lights as squeegee kid. While living in the sea-side commune of Santa Marinella and then eventually in the port city of Civitavecchia, I used to love taking the train between cities. On some trips I would just tune out and relax the mind, while on other commutes I’d be fully immersed in my thoughts about the uncertainties of the future. Whatever the mood was that day, gazing out the train window and taking in the regional beauty surroundings always calmed the soul and gave me a sense of serenity.

Italy Seaside with Family
Familiy by the Sea
Top of the country
Italia In Miniature

We left Italy in March of 1990 to live go in Toronto, Canada where our family of 3 plus my dog Parky were welcomed with open arms. The Canadian government assisted us a great deal to help us get on our feet. They gave us shelter, new furniture and chance to study and work. They also gave us welfare – invented by Italians by the way, fun fact! Canada became our new home at that time. Many years have gone by, 30 to be exact and naturally – a lot has happened over that time period. Many things have transposed within our family and our life of immigration #2, but there was one thing that never changed – our love for Italy, a country that left us with many dear memories even in the most difficult of times as refugees. Our desire to return to Italy one day and live here on a full time basis has never really left our thoughts and has become somewhat of a life-long goal.

In 2017 I finally decided to take the plunge, which meant leaving a successful 20 year long career in Film & Television in Toronto, and move to Italy to start a new life. My mother has already moved here a couple of years before that and ended up moving to Trieste. It is a beautiful and lively city in the north-eastern Friuli Venezia Giulia Region of Italy, and naturally I chose the same location to be with my immediate family. Before moving here on a full time basis, I came back and forth a couple of times trying to figure out what I was going to do here for money besides building content websites. After doing a bit of research, I decided to see what it would take to start up and run something like a B&B. I didn’t know much about this business at the time and had no idea about the level of involvement required by the Italian government for this type of activity. The general idea was to open an Italy vacation rental business near the Trieste Central Station. An additional bonus to that idea was that with the help of this website I can promote the concept of Train Travel Italy while providing affordable accommodation to people passing through this beautiful north-eastern port city by train and otherwise.

Miramare Luxury Suites - Italy Vacation Rentals in Trieste
Room Rentals in TriesteClose to Train StationLuxury, Comfort, Affordability

I now live just outside of Trieste full time and the room rental business near the central station was made from a dream into reality. Once we found a place that was perfect, we spent many months on extensive renovations. Miramare Luxury Suites has been open since 2018 and growing steadily every year thanks to the increasing popularity of Trieste among tourists. When meeting new friends here, I’m often asked what I do for work, and I jokingly reply – “I run a BnBasta”. They all laugh in confusion but then quickly realize that it’s like a B&B, but without the breakfast – in any case, it’s a conversation starter!

Each of the 5 units in Miramare Luxury Suites is conveniently equipped with a kitchenette so guests can take advantage of some light food preparation, plus there’s a decent restaurant right downstairs called “Ristorante l’Ancora” and a great cafe around the corner called “Bar Maggio”. If you are passing trough Trieste and looking for stylish and affordable place to stay near the train station, be sure to check us out and fully take advantage of train travel Italy.

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