Italy Train Tickets

Purchasing Your Rail Pass is a Great Beginning

Italy Train Tickets and Booking the Eurail Pass

Buying Italy train tickets for your trip is an easy and stress-free experience. If you are booking ahead before arriving here, you can buy tickets for your commute online directly from the two major railway companies Trenitalia or Italo; or from any of the following sites: Italiarail, Thetrainline and Omio. For more flexibility with dates while knowing the desired destinations and group size, travellers can also purchase the Eurail Italy Pass. If you purchase your tickets online, you have the option of printing them or saving them on your device. Not only is online ticket purchasing the preferred option for most travellers to save money – it can also save time and unnecessary stress during your trip. One thing to keep in mind when purchasing your Italy train tickets online is to try and buy from Italian websites rather than European sites. An Italian provider site is less likely to experience errors and mix-ups with the bookings.

If you’re unsure of your travel plans or decide to take a last minute trip while here, you can always purchase your train fare at the stations from ticket machines if they are available or an agent at the ticket booth. Ticket agents are helpful if you have questions about the tickets, train service, ticket classes & fare rules. Ticket machines are multilingual, simple to use and they often help avoid lineups at the ticket counters. A word of advice with the machines is that some will only accept cash while others will take credit cards as well, so it’s a good idea to be prepared for both.

Regional trains don’t always have guaranteed seating, so getting there early especially during busy times is a good idea. If the trains are too crowded, some travellers consider upgrading their ticket class for a more comfortable ride. Another good thing to keep in mind is that some tickets, like for a commute between popular cities such as Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan, and Naples – will sell out in advance. Booking ahead of peak times to these and other popular destinations could be a good idea so to avoid disappointments during your Italian adventure.

More about Italy Train Tickets the Rail Pass

Many visitors that enjoy travelling in Italy by train also have the advantage of affordability. With Italy’s impressive and convenient railway system, travellers can make even smarter and more economical choices by considering the purchase of the Eurail Italy Pass. Generally people choose this pass if they are going to be doing a lot of traveling within Italy or planning to also visit other European countries. Having said that, most trips in Italy are short and not that costly, so it’s much cheaper to buy individual tickets for your desired destinations. Also, there is the hop-on, hop-off option on a lot of Italian trains since most require advanced seat selection. For an overall glimpse of the country’s railway system, feel free to check out our Italy train map.