Hostels in Italy – The Economical Choice

Best Lodging Option for Backpacking Through Italy

Accommodation in Italy can be fairly expensive due to its popular destination for tourism. However – hostels can be an economical choice and not all hostels are last resort choices and travellers should not feel as though hostels are instantaneously associated with negative experiences.

For its immensely cheap prices and flexibility – young travellers and budget vacationers often opt to stay at hostels in Italy. As one of Europe’s oldest and artistically rich cultural settings, some hostels are considered hidden gems that add value to the traveler’s overall experience. This guide is an accumulation of helpful tips on how to pick the best hostels that are worth the bang for your buck and benefits your Italy travel experience.

Hostels in Italy – Helpful Tips

  • Hostel rooms are generally dorm room style or private rooms. While private rooms offer a higher sense of security but generally come at a higher cost. Dorm rooms are filled with rows of bunk beds. The rooms with more bunk beds are typically cheaper than rooms with lesser bunk beds. While the idea of sharing rooms with many strangers seems daunting, it is also a great way for single or couple travellers to meet new people in their travels.
  • Some hostels make a point to help you experience the best of the city by offering group activities. When choosing a hostel in your destination, check to see if the hostels you book offer group outings, such as bar crawls, dinners, or walking tours. These group activities are a great way for first-time travellers to see Italy with an experienced guide and the chance to meet other travellers who may want to share their own experience in the city.
  • While most dormitories are unisex, many hostels in Italy are more than happy to accommodate gender-specific dorm rooms upon request.
  • If you are a traveling family or a group of friends, consider booking private hostel rooms which will be more comfortable for everyone. Private rooms may be more expensive and could cost upwards $45 per night for a room with two bunk beds. However, private rooms are a great choice for a group of friends sharing the cost of a single dorm room, or for families that require more privacy. Private dorm rooms are also great for those looking to experience hostels but would like to avoid the party-like vibe of large, shared dorm rooms.
  • Many hostels Italy offers include complimentary breakfasts with their stay. However, don’t get too excited since the breakfasts that are served at hostels are typically basic fares, such as toast, cereal, coffee, tea, and juice. However, if you are traveling for many days through Italy, dining expenses can run high. These breakfast freebies may be meagre, but they help save a few dollars to grab a quick bite and start your day.
  • Before booking one of the Italy hostels, we highly recommend checking out unbiased review sites, such as Hostelworld to provide the most recent reviews and ratings on location, customer service, cleanliness, and hostel events that the facility offers. Hostelworld is a great source of information before booking your trip as it provides useful, comparative information on the dorm amenities, freebies, nearby restaurants, and all other offered services.

When sharing a room with other travel enthusiasts isn’t a problem, hostels in Italy are a great economical alternative. This country has some of the best hostel varieties in the world, such as romantic villas dating back to the Renaissance, fantastic fortresses and chic ultra modern dwellings.