High Speed Trains in Italy

Italian Travelling in Style and Comfort – Fast!

High Speed Trains in Italy, Fast & Enjoyable

High-speed trains are a super popular way to get around Italy faster, in comfort and style. They include connections at major Italian cities, so it’s an easy way to get around and see the sights. Italy has been running high-speed trains since 1970.

Every year, millions of people board Italy’s high-speed trains. There are two main companies that run high-speed trains all over the country. Let’s investigate them both and see which one will work for your vacation.

More About High Speed Trains in Italy

Trenitalia’s which is owned by the Italian government and was founded in 2000, has three high-speed trains. The Frecciarossa or “Red Arrow” travel on a high-speed line and connect Turin to Salerno and northern to southern Italy. They are also named the Eurostar and connect passengers with Milan, Florence, Rome, and Naples. They have sixty-eight connections between Milan and Rome every day. This trip takes under three hours and currently a ticket will cost you 86 euros or about $97 US dollars. The Frecciargento trains or “Silver Arrows” travel from Rome to Venice, Verona to Bolzano, Bari to Lecce and Lamezia Terme to Reggio Calabria. Rome to Venice trains run twenty-six times a day. The Frecciabianca or White Arrow trains travel from Milan to Venice, Udine to Trieste and Genova to Rome as well as Bari to Lecce. All of these trains run at similar speeds which are up to 300 kilometers an hour, but Frecciarossa is the fastest.

Tickets for these trains can be purchased in advance on the Trenitalia website if you know what your travel plans are. These trains stop in all the major cities such as Torino, Milan, Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Salerno, and Naples. Although these train prices can run higher, they will also get you where you want to go faster. Moreover, you don’t need to spend the money on a higher class if you don’t want to. The basic Freccia service is clean and comfortable.

NVT-Italo or Nuovo Tranporto Viaggiatori is Italy’s private train network and all of its train’s area high speed. These fast trains run between most major cities and serve nineteen stations. Over eleven million passengers take these trains every year. The NVT-Italo fleet of trains are up to date, comfortable and clean and there are several different classes of service. Smart is the standard service and it then the choices run all the way up to Club Executive which is a VIP class. The trains run from Turin to Salerno with stops in Milan and Reggio Emilia, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples. There is also a Venice to Salerno line which stops in Padua, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples. The other Brescia to Napoli line stops in Verona, Bologna, Florence, Rome, and Naples.

Reservations are required for most types of trains, but if you buy in advance, you could save a lot of money and hassle as some busier trains get sold out early. No matter what train you choose, be sure to enjoy the comfort, ease, and convenience of taking Italy’s high-speed trains. Refer to the Italy train map for an overall glimpse of the country’s railway system.