Best Beaches in Italy – A Paradise Vacation

Enjoy Your Italian Vacation in Paradise Settings

“What are the best beaches in Italy?” – This is something you may ask yourself before packing your bags for that dream summer Italian vacation. All of the Italian south, including the region Islands of Sicily and Sardinia has very temperate, warm climate. One of the favourite past times of both – the locals and visitor is just stretching out on a beautiful sandy beach. Insular Italy and the southern end of the Italian peninsula have an abundance of lovely spots which could be classified as best beaches in Italy.

Many places come to mind when we talk about best beaches in Italy and one in particular that comes to mind is Salento. This geographical region is located in the southern “heel” of the boot shaped country and is loaded with beaches to suit any sun worshiper’s wildest dream. It sits within the Adriatic and Ionian seas making it an ideal summer destination. This region is specifically known for its warm climate, crystal clear, clean waters and for its miles of sandy beaches.

More About Best Beaches in Italy & Popular Spots

Salento Beaches

  • Porto Cesareo: This popular beach is a busy tourist attraction during the summer months and is perfect for those with young children. The waters here are calm and clear and the beaches are well kept. Not far from Lecce, and easily reachable by rail or public transit, Porto Cesareo beach is a haven for those seeking relaxation under the sun. Its beach is made up of white, sandy dunes and it borders the Natural Reserve of Earl Marsh which is rich in aquatic life.
  • Torre Lapillo: This busy tourist beach is popular among both locals and foreigners and contains many beachfront resorts and vacation rentals. It also has a diverse underwater reef system that makes it the perfect destination for those who love to snorkel or scuba dive.
  • Natural Reserve of Torre Guaceto – If combining sun bathing with a love of nature and the great outdoors is more your style than this location is the perfect one for you. Bordering on a nature reserve, the Torre Guaceto beach is an excellent location for biking, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving and boating. Although the beach is rocky in areas, it is still well kept and offers lounge chairs and umbrellas for those looking to relax under the Mediterranean sun.
  • San Pietro in Bevagna – Do you dream of miles of white sandy beaches that you can stroll on for hours? The San Pietro beach provides just that and although it is a busy tourist destination during the hotter summer months, it still provides a sandy paradise for those seeking to relax by the water’s edge. There are also ancient Roman ruins here, out in the water, that can be seen from shore as the tide goes in and out.

Other Popular Beach Destination in Italy

When the idea of an Italian vacation comes to mind, one of the last things that people think about is beautiful, sandy beaches. But contrary to the popular oversight, Italy has many other paradise escapes for you besides the Salento geographical region. If a hot and sunny beach vacation is what you’re looking for, then you may want to check out the two enormous Islands of Sicily and Sardinia. These two large land masses are referred to as Insular Italy and contain some of the best beaches in Italy according to locals and visitors alike.

All of the coastal region around Puglia is absolutely breathtaking as well when it comes to great beach-front. The southern region of Calabria is another place where you can go beach hopping and discover your paradise. Further north, Basilicata also has a small portion of it on the water with breathtaking views of Maratea and some great beaches there as well. Campania region has a few gems when it comes to basking in the sun. All of the Gulf of Naples is absolutely mesmerizing and a great spot for summer activities. You are bound to find what you’d call the best beaches in Italy. For more information on the subject, check out Secret Italy’s page on Top Beaches in Italy.

Best Beaches in Italy Map

All it will take is one visit to the Salento, Amalfi, Sicily or any other beach destination and you will quickly realize that Italy has a lot more to offer than just landmarks, culture and fine dining. It’s speedo country over here, so make sure to pack a few! With so many sandy shores to explore and Mediterranean waters to swim in, you are guaranteed to return home, after your vacation, feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated, and you will have an amazing tan to show off as well.

When coming to Salento by rail, you will arrive at the Lecce railway station. Because this area contains so many beaches in such a small geographic region, making your way to a nearby beach will be an easy task. Most public transportation routes will make their way to one of the most popular beaches or renting a car may make your travels easier and more convenient. Use the map below to discover some of the most popular best beaches in Italy as well as a few hidden gems!