Bed and Breakfast in Italy – The Personal Touch

Enjoy Cozy Lodging & a Complementary Breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Italy options provide travellers with a more personal, hands-on service. Whether rustic serenity in the Tuscan fields, a modern wood & glass cabin in the fresh mountain air, or a cozy flat by a busy city market – Italy strives to over-deliver in service and level of comfort. Italy bed and breakfast locations can be found all over the country. From bustling cities to the lush rolling countryside, you’ll find these unique accommodations options where ever you may be planning to visit. From north to south and east to west, bed and breakfasts accommodations are available just about anywhere you wish to stay. Let’s take a look at what to expect from a bed and breakfast in Italy so you can decide if it’s right for you.

More About Bed and Breakfast Italy

A bed and breakfast basically functions as a small hotel that includes breakfast. There are usually only a handful of rooms at most three or four that accommodate six to eight beds. Local laws prevent them from being bigger. However, good things come in small packages and the atmosphere in this type of lodging is warm, welcoming and authentically Italian. Your hosts will most likely be owners of the home or building that serves as the bed and breakfast. They will want to chat with you and get to know you as well as provide information on the area that you are visiting and offer advice on sights to visit. It’s a great way to immerse yourself in the culture. Moreover, there’s a bonus. Bed and Breakfast lodgings can be upwards of forty percent cheaper than any hotels. Expect to pay on average about $100 for a double room. However, keep in mind that the price will be higher in major tourist cities.

Italy bed and breakfast inns as they are sometimes called are located in the bustling metropolises of major cities as well as in the rolling countryside and mountains. You’ll experience a casual, friendly atmosphere that you will remember long after your vacation is over. So if you’d love to meet some local Italian citizens, a bed and breakfast is the place to stay.

There are however, some disadvantages that you might want to take into account before you book your bed and breakfast. These types of lodging won’t guarantee your anonymity as a major hotel chain would. At the bed and breakfast locations, owners want to meet you, get to know you and offer you advice about tours, even if you don’t want it. And another drawback, most bed, and breakfasts have a curfew. Not convenient for nighthawks and people that want to experience Italy after dark. As well, you might not be guaranteed a private bathroom. But this is something you can inquire about before you book if it is a must-have for you.

So how does one find the perfect Italy bed and breakfast? Look online or inquire at the local tourist office if you are already in the country. It makes sense to book ahead if you can, particularly in the busy season. Your bed and breakfast Italy adventure awaits! Book one today.