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Italy Vacation Packages – Perfect Trip Bundle

Italy vacation packages may offer plenty of leisure, cultural and sporting activities – many of these are region specific and specific events happen at certain times of the year. Whatever your travel style, rest assured you will find one of many options for your trip that will bring many rewarding, exciting and memorable experiences.

Italy holds the 5th place in international arrivals according to latest statistics. People come from all over to experience it’s history, culture, fashion, cuisine and so much more. Italy vacation packages are often less expensive and there is a wide variety of them available for every type of traveller. From walking tours of Tuscan rolling countrysides, exploring beauty of ancient cities to breathtaking ski trips in Alpine resorts, the sky is the limit here.

More About Italy Vacation Packages

An Italy vacation is whirlwind of possibilities and places to visit. So how do you pick just where to go and what to do? Italy travel packages are an easy solution and can get you where you want to go at the best times and for the best prices, they come in all shapes and sizes. Some Italy vacation packages last as little as three days and some go all the way up to fourteen days or more. The most common ones are seven days, but one thing is for sure. The choices are endless! You can even add on other European destination as a bundle to your travels.

The first step in planning your Italy vacation is to decide where you want to go and what you want to do. Perhaps you’d like to see the historical landmarks of the ancient Greeks, Romans or Etruscans. There are plenty of those to choose from, in fact – Italy has more UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other country in the world. If the great outdoors are on your mind, there are plenty of destinations with mountainous scenery of the Dolomites. If a beach vacation is more to your liking there are plenty of those spots too, like beautiful region island of Sardinia. Some tours offer laid back itineraries with a lot of free time while others have you on the go non-stop. There are even specific tours for age groups such as young singles, students and senior citizens. 

If this is your first trip to Italy, you are going to want to see the spectacular major cities of Italy. The stunning capital which is Rome, the “Floating City” of Venice and the capital of beautiful Tuscany – Florence are the big three of the cities you will want to visit. 

Once you’ve decided where you want to go, the next step is to book one of the Italy vacation packages of your liking. Airlines, travel agents and tour companies all offer various deals at different price points. Some trips are all inclusive – including airfare, transfers, train or bus tickets, tour admissions as well as hotel accommodations and some meals. Other vacation packages let you have more freedom and may be limited to airfare and hotel. Escorted tours are generally all-inclusive and offer group tours with a guide to help you navigate everything from getting around to where to stay. These packages are structured and perfect for first-time travellers and some seniors.

If there is an event you want to attend or an interest you have, a special interest tour might be for you. These Italy vacation packages are centred on things such as outdoor activities such as hiking and cycling or sporting events. Whichever vacation package you choose for your trip to Italy, it will surely be filled with authentic Italian sights, sounds and a whole lot of fun. For more information on the topic, be sure to check out the article from Trips 2 Italy, a very helpful blog site about many Italian events as well as trip ideas.

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